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Mountain Peak

You may be encountering a difficult situation in life that you want help navigating. Maybe your thoughts and feelings are holding you back from the life you are wanting for yourself. Help and hope is available to you.

Hi! I'm Dustin.

I am a licensed professional counselor, therapist and life coach who helps journeyers like you to:

  • Overcome the hurdles that are keeping you stuck.

  • Optimize your experience of the present moment.

  • Write a story for your future that aligns with your purpose and values

  • Live with greater authenticity, purpose, self-acceptance and contentment. 

I provide you with a safe, unconditionally accepting and relaxed environment to ask the hard questions, speak openly about your truth, the challenges you are facing and where you want to be.   

Dustin Howard, LPC


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Individual Therapy

One on one 45-60 minute virtual therapy sessions to work through the challenges and concerns you are facing that impact your mental and emotional wellbeing.  


Therapy for Gay Men

Individual counseling and therapy sessions for gay men that affirms and understands the intersectionality of mental health and gay identity.

Image by Mariah Hewines

Life Coaching

One on one virtual coaching sessions to assist you in optimizing your life, building the life you want and achieving the goals you have for yourself.

Virtual Sessions from Anywhere in Texas

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